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Bespoke, Tailored Professional TV installations

As technology evolves the modern TV is getting bigger. Gone are the days when it used to sit neatly in the corner of the room. Now they come with more complicated systems with screens that are infinitely larger and more fragile. Rather than placing your unit in the corner of the room on a stand, more professional installations are required. TVs need to be mounted for viewing pleasure and to avoid getting damaged. Our aesthetic solutions mean the TV can be seen and enjoyed by everyone. For everything from a customer wall mounted installation to a surround set up, LMS AV can help.


Standard TV Installation


With our standard TV installation service you do not need to even touch the thing. We will do the following:

  •  Unpack the TV

  • Assemble, attach the stand and connect the wiring

  • Achieve the best positioning for your TV

  • Connect the TV to other wireless components

  • Activate any infrared and Bluetooth remote controls

  • Assemble and activate any 3D glasses

  • Tuning to locate channels ensuring your TV is set up and ready to watch

  • Help to register your TV warranty

  • Ensure that you understand your new tv, the features and how it works.


Our standard TV installation service can be completed today, with everything up and running in approximately an hour.


TV Wall Mounting (With Cables Housed in Decorative Plastic Trunking)


Many customers now choose to have their TV to be wall-mounted with the cables neatly hidden away out of sight. Our team of experts can advise on the necessary work required, install your TV quickly and more importantly; safely. We will advise on the most appropriate TV bracket and ensuring the wires are concealed with high-quality decorative trunking.


Here are the services included:


  • TV unpackaging

  • Advising on positioning and angles for ultimate viewing pleasure

  • Offer our expert advice on the most appropriate brackets (we can offer examples to suit all tastes and budgets)

  • Inspection of the chosen wall to ensure its suitability

  • Fixing bracket and TV safely and securely to the wall

  • Connecting the TV to wireless devices and other existing components

  • Cables concealed in decorative trunking

  • Activation of infrared and Bluetooth remote controls

  • Assembly/activation of 3D glasses

  • TV tuning to locate channels

  • Ensuring TV is correctly set up and ready to go

  • Help to register the tv warranty

  • Help and guidance on new equipment to ensure viewing pleasure


The service offered will depend on the size of your TV and where you would like it installed. We endeavour to achieve exactly what you are looking for using specialist tools to ensure the perfect finish. For a quote, or to discuss your project, get in touch with our engineers.


TV Wall Mounting (With Cables Hidden Inside Your Wall)


This complete wall-mounting service will hide the cables and wires away in your wall cavity providing the perfect finish. Included in this service are:


  • Inspection of the chosen wall to evaluate the most suitable type of TV installation

  • Advice on choosing the right bracket (we can help with a wide range to suit all tastes and budgets)

  • Safe and secure bracket installation

  • Routing of cables inside the wall with subtle cable entry plates

  • Activate the infrared/Bluetooth remote controls

  • Assemble and activate 3D glasses

  • Tuning to locate channels and full tv set up

  • Assistance with warranty registration

  • Help and advice on using new equipment.


Home Cinema Installations  –  Bring the Cinematic Experience to Your Home!


Are you looking for a truly immersive cinematic experience that you can enjoy with the whole family? Maybe you want to feel like you are in the middle of the action and enjoy some alone time with your favourite action move. Whatever your needs, with a properly integrated home cinema system you can bring the cinematic experience to your own living room.

Our prized team of skilled engineers at London Multimedia Services have the required skills to manage your project. They can make effective use of the space and create a fully integrated surround sound system for the most authentic cinematic experience. Offering the benefit of their wisdom, they can help you set up the most suitable system to capture the essence of the cinema that exceeds your expectations. Lights, sound, visual experience – they can offer exactly what you need.

Working across London and the South East, we are one of the region’s leading installers of  bespoke home cinema systems. We don’t just work with residential clients but also with many commercial concerns too. It is our experience and attention to detail that sets us apart from all the rest. Our engineers work with leading brands including Bose, LG, Panasonic and Samsung. They have the knowledge to install a home cinema system that will truly work for you.


Custom Audio and Video Installations  –  Solutions for even the most discerning tastes


What we can offer at LMS is only limited by your imagination. We can tailor your AV installations to suit exactly what you are seeking. We know every client is unique which is why we can provide the most custom-designed solutions.

Our team of experience consultants, engineers, designers and installers have been delivering home cinema theatres, conference centres, audio and video installations of the utmost quality for years. We provide bespoke and unique solutions to our clients, both domestic and commercial. Our work produces with breath taking results.

Their skills extend from electrical to carpentry and more to provide either partial or full installations and implementations of your AV equipment. You don’t need to call several companies to carry out the work, We are like a one stop shop for all your AV needs supplying the products, the advice and the installation services. This enables us to work within your budget without having the additional hidden costs. There is now need to call in other companies to complete the work.

We also have the knowledge and skills to work quickly, efficiently and with minimal disruption. You can go about your daily business while we work hard to install your TV and supporting equipment. Our work with leading brands means that we have the technology and knowhow to bring your visions to life.

We work to each manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure that everything is covered by warranties plus we are fully insured. This offers our clients the peace of mind that they are choosing the right company to carry out the work.