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I don’t know a lot about home cinema, but knew exactly what I wanted. These guys were able to help with everything from choosing the right bracket for my TV, the optimal height for the installation and they even helped me calibrate the system, including the audio. Would definitely use them next time I have an idea!
Oliver, Westminster

I had an idea of exactly what I wanted. I wanted a TV that was completely out of sight when not being used (my wife’s idea). They advised me of the options: TV lift, mirror, TV etc. I eventually settled on a TV lift, and have never looked back since!
Patrice, Strafford

It was a simple project. My office needed a projector and I needed someone to install it. These guys told me  about ceiling mounts, and within no time my office had a ceiling mounted projector in the boardroom. Perfect for presentations.
Collin, Kensington

At first we had a bit of an argument about what bracket I needed. I wanted to use a cheap bracket, due to budget limitations. I was advised that only a better quality product would securely hold my TV. It was good advice, and my TV is now securely mounted.
Hubert, Brockley

My aim was simple. I wanted an authentic home cinema installation, and didn’t want any wires showing. They did the lot, from ceiling mounting my projector, to installing a motorised cinema screen. The even hid my cables in a side wall, out of the way.
James, Wembley

I wanted to mount my TV on plasterboard, but had been told by a friend that it’s not possible because there are no studs in the right place behind the wall. You guys solved my problem, and strengthened the wall to make it suitable.
Khali, Brick Lane

I’d found mirror TVs online, and just had to have one. You helped me set it up, and even mounted it on my chimney breast (which I didn’t even know was possible!)
Magnolia, Tottenham Court Road

I really like music, and wanted it to be the centrepiece in my home. I researched AV design, and eventually found your company. You were more than happy to suit your service to my ideas of what home entertainment actually means.
Alex, London Bridge

I run a language school in South London. Our work has been greatly enhanced by interactive whiteboards. They can be expensive, but are much more intuitive to use. You helped me install whiteboards in my classrooms without any problems. Thanks again.
Alex, South London

I was sick of me and my boyfriend having to use (and losing) lots of different remotes. I’ve heard about remote reprogramming and universal remotes, but didn’t know where to start. I thought I’d get in touch, and now we only use one remote to control all our devices!  Job done.
Elsbeth, Hoxton

I had a bad experience with a handyman. To cut a long story short, you guys were happy to come out and fix his mess. My home installation is now better than it’s ever been, just as it should be.
Sergei, Dalston Junction

I didn’t really know what I wanted. Ok, I wanted good home cinema (for my budget) but don’t really know a lot about Tech. From first meeting you it was clear that you had a passion for this kind of thing, and you helped me choose the very best system for by budget.
Peter, Lewisham

I didn’t want to ruin my interior design with speakers everywhere. I contacted you, and you advised me about soundbars. I chose a high quality soundboard, you installed it for me, and now I have great home cinema sound.
Jay, Shooter’s Hill

Hate to say this, but I really can’t stand cables. I didn’t want home cinema if it meant I had cables everywhere. Fortunately, you were able to help me, and you hid all my cables using something called “trunking.”
Bella, Peckham

We are a large company, and needed a small team to install our cinema booking terminals. These allow our customers to book tickets, without going to the box office. The job was done from start to finish without any issues.
Tom and Chris, Waterloo

Our staff room already had a TV, but we’re planning on renovating our offices and knew it wouldn’t look right nestled in the corner of our room. We made contact before making any renovations, and you were able to create a beautiful, modern install.
Mo, Kent

We both wanted a TV that would blend with our traditional decor. We like TV, and so wanted a home cinema experience. You helped us to install our TV in a cabinet. The TV actually rises out of the cabinet when we want to watch it!
Stu and Paul, Essex

We live in a very old house in the country. We didn’t know where to start, but we definitely wanted a home cinema system. Although there were problems along the way, you guys solved them all, and now we have home cinema!
Claire and Tom, Hampshire

I was very impressed with how quick the service went. You hung my TV in about  40 minutes!

Mitch, Kensington

A few things impressed me. You made a curtsey call to confirm you were coming, you came out on the evening and you were able to hang my TV, and left everything clean and tidy. Would definitely use you guys when I upgrade my system.
Rani, Edgeware Road

You guys were able to hang my large LCD TV on a stud wall. I loved the futuristic equipment you used to find the stud and that little camera you used to look behind the wall, lol. Great service.
Haj, Greater London

I was having real problems with the viewing angle of my TV. I have a big room, and my kids are always complaining that they can’t see the TV, we basically couldn’t get a perfect picture angle. You installed an articulated arm bracket, which can be moved. Now it’s easy to find the right picture angle. Thanks.
Bernadette, Southwark

I wanted to create a modern interior to my restaurant, and a friend told me projectors. To my surprise you helped me with an projector and motorised screen install, and it looks spectacular!
Allison, Wandsworth


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