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Home Cinema Installations

Combine the magic of the big screen with the comfort of your own home.

London Multimedia Services are London's leading bespoke home cinema installers, serving a multitude of commercial and domestic clients. And with years of experience comes the levels professionalism, craftsmanship and attention to detail that truly set us apart. Our engineers work with leading brands such a Bose, LG, Panasonic and Samsung, and have the knowledge and experience you can depend on to plan and install a home cinema that captures the magic of  the big screen in the comfort of your own home.

Looking for a truly immersive experience? Want to feel like you're really in the middle of the action? It's all about integrating lights, sound technology and video together, to create a breath-taking home cinema environment for your whole family to enjoy.

On each job, our skilled engineers assess the customer's space and offer guidance on the most effective placement, positioning and installation of your home cinema's elements. They work tirelessly to ensure the speakers work in situ with one another. To ensure the lighting creates a truly authentic home cinema experience. To ensure your home cinema captures your imagination and exceeds your expectations.

Custom Audio and Video Installations

With us, the only limit is your imagination.

At LMS, we know that each client is unique. This is why we offer tailored solutions to satisfy even the most discerning tastes.

London Multimedia Services' team of highly experienced engineers, designers, builders and consultants have been delivering some of London's most advanced and breath-taking custom home cinema theatres, conference centres and audio and video installations for many years.

Ofering both partial and comprehensive implementation of custom-designed systems, we are specialists in electrical work, bespoke carpentry and interior construction. Unlike many other providers, this enables us to offer our commercial and domestic clients limitless scope and the chance to realise their dreams.

This also means that there's no need to hire different contractors to complete the job. Our experts have the experience and expertise you can count on to realise even the most ambitious design and custom building projects. All without the inflated price tag. Our experts work quickly and efficiently to ensure that each job is carried out both on budget and on time, keeping household or business disruption to a complete minimum.

We work with the world's leading brands, and in doing so, we possess the technology and options to realise any idea. In addition, we work closely to each respective manufacturer's guidelines as well as our own. This ensures that your installation is covered by both our and their warranties. Futhermore, we're fully insured, offering you both reassurance and peace of mind.

If you choose the implementation of a comprehensive installation, a step-by-step breakdown of our approach is detailed below:

  • Step 1 - Full consultation to determine the scope of the work along with your requirements. We will also detail any compromise proposals if our interior designer/architect deems it necessary

  • Step 2 - Preparation of your bespoke draft valuation

  • Step 3 - Planning and installation of sound proofing and distribution cabling

  • Step 4 - Supply, installation and connection of your requred AV devices (such as projectors, screens, amplifiers, columns etc.)

  • Step 5 - Design and construction of custom interior requrements such as acoustic elements, furniture and building work 

  • Step 6 - Automation of the room (lighting, electric blinds and other aspects)

  • Step 7 - Completion of interior design

  • Step 8 - Programming and integration of an easy-to-use control system

  • Step 9 - Calibration of audio and video devices

  • Step 10 Full advice and guidance on operating and enjoying your custom space

  • Step 11 Warranty service and assistance registering the appropriate manufacturer warranties


From concept to completion, we are with you every step of the way, working tirelessly to ensure you are left with a space that captivates and beguiles every person who withesses it.

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