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Frequently Asked Questions

Which geographical areas do you cover?
We are a London based company, and can cover anywhere in London and the surrounding areas.

I want to position my flat screen TV in the corner of my room, can you help me?
We can do this with using a tilt-able corner bracket. This means that the position of the TV can be adjusted, and a better viewing angle achieved.

Some people have TVs on their ceilings, could you do this for me?
We can mount TVs on the ceiling, by using a compatible flip down ceiling mount or motorized TV lift.

My mains, telephone or LAN socket isn’t in easy reach of my TV. Does this mean I have to move my television?
Not at all. Often, we need to move sockets and bring them closer to the TV. We can do this, leaving no marks where the old socket was.

I want to mount my TV on plasterboard, but have been told it won’t be secure. Is this true?
Many larger electrical stores will say they can’t mount on plasterboard. This isn’t true, and we can mount on plasterboard, fixing a bracket into the metal or wooden vertical studs If the equipment is heavy, the wall can be strengthened. After installation, cables can be finished off or brought through a brush plate.

All I want to do is calibrate my audio system, could you help me with that?
Yes we can. We start by checking if everything is connected as it should, then check the room acoustics. After making sure that all speakers are in correct places, we proceed to calibrate your equipment.  We’ve done this a lot.

What TV  bracket is right me?
It all depends. A moveable bracket can be used to change the viewing angle, perfect for corner mounted TVs, these can be motorised or manual. Your bracket also needs to be compatible with the specific size and make of your television, according to the VESA standard.

I only have a limited  budget, can you adapt your service to offer me a cheaper price?
We can source better value products for your system, and save you money choosing quality compatible products. Our services can be tailored if you’re budget will only stretch so far.

A big electrical company sent someone out to my home, and they said my wall and location isn’t suitable for their installation service. How do you differ?
Often the case. These companies are only prepared for typical, simple installations. Their contractors don’t have the knowledge, tools and professional mounting systems. We deal with these cases, with great results.

There are problems with my TV picture, is there anything you can do?
Picture too dark, bright, fuzzy? Contrast or colour saturation not right? Don’t worry, we can perfectly tune your TV, and help you match picture quality to the viewing environment. We use special diagnostic tools/software to diagnose faults.

I use a projector for my home cinema, can you install a motorized projector screen?
If you want, we can install an in-ceiling motorized projection screen or motorized projector lift. This means the screen and projector extends out of your ceiling.
The right projector screen mount etc. will depend on the model of your projector, and on the viewing environment, i.e. your room.

What are your operating hours?
Office is open from Monday to Friday from 9 to 5. Just call to arrange appointment.  Booked TV  installations are carried out 7 days a week, provided they are booked during normal office hours.

Do you charge extra to come out on evenings or weekends?
Not at all. We understand that in London people tend to work during the day. Our service is designed to work for you, and fit around your schedule.
If you want we can come out on evenings or weekends, for no extra or hidden charge.  If it’s simple installation if you call in the morning we’ll probably be able to install the TV on the same day.

How do I know you’ll have the right bracket for your TV?
When we go to the installation, we always have several different types of the most popular brackets.  Often, our clients have inadequate brackets, either Too big or small.
We can source every kind of bracket for all kinds of TV. If we don’t have the right bracket in stock then we’ll order it for you.

When you install my TV or home cinema system, will I be left with any lose ends? Will I need to redecorate, hide cables or re-paint the wall myself?
We offer a start-to-finish service. We are very neat and tidy, and will always leave your home as we found it. Whether this means hiding cables or re-painting and redecorating your wall.

I’m planning on renovating my house, should I contact you before or after I’ve done this?
It’s very important to contact us as soon as possible before renovating your living space. This way, we can adapt the living space to your home entertainment system when it’s most straightforward to do so. 

What is a soundbar, are they a good alternative to speakers?
Soundbars are mounted below your TV and work just like a speaker. Quality soundbars successfully offer a surround sound effect. Usually they are connected wirelessly to a subwoofer. Soundbars are a very popular alternative for people who don’t like hanging or standing speakers, perhaps for aesthetic reasons.

I have a problem with a previous AV installation, can you fix it?
Often, we deal with previous AV installations that have gone wrong or no longer meet the client’s expectations. We can rectify and improve these systems in all sorts of different ways. Contact us for more information.

Do you offer a warranty?
Yes, we offer a minimum 1 year warranty on all work & equipment.


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